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Acting Audition


Class format

Teen Class

Classes will meet 2 days a week from 4pm to 6pm at the theater. One class will be a rehearsal class where students will have class time to rehearse and work on what they will be performing in class. The next two classes will be where students will get to perform the things they have been working on. Followed by a critique from teacher in front of the class. All three classes will be 2 hours long and scenes will be scheduled out so students know when they will be performing. College students will help run the class by taking attendance, setting up scenes during critiques, and recording critiques that get sent straight to the students email so they may listen back to help them later on.  


Adult Class


Thursday evenings from 7pm-11pm and Saturday mornings 9am-12am, adults 18 and up. This is a Scene study class. Students will either bring in scenes or be assigned scenes from Movies/TV/Plays that they will perform in class and then get critiqued in front of the class. This format can be beneficial to artists at all experience levels. If you just want to come play pretend one night a week, you are welcome! If this is a career that you want to pursue then we will give you as many resources to do so! Students will be put in admin groups that will meet outside of class to help each other accomplish the things you need to do off stage to move your career forward!

Pricing and Offers

Classes for all ages is only $50 per month! We have researched local dance studios, singing lessons and other private coaching session to make sure we charge the appropriate amount for what we are offering! If you have multiple students from the same family please reach out to us for payment info for that. We also prorate if you start midway through the month! We accept cash, check, and card!

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