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Everything You Need to Know About Our Theater


At the Salem Playhouse we will be offering multiple ways for students to perform.  We think that it is important to have multiple avenues for students to perform and share their gifts.

Project All In: For our students who have never been apart of a production before, or students with very little experience, We will be doing free plays for friends and family so that they can see what its like to do their first play. These will be directed by our college students so they can learn how to run a show as well. 

Project Big Time: We at the Salem Playhouse have many talented friends who have written some amazing works that we will be able to have our students perform. These will be charged performances so the stakes will be a little higher and this will give students an opportunity to do plays that have never been done before in front of an audience of their family, friends and the public.

Short Film Festival: Students will be able to get in multiple groups and have a month and a half to film short films for the School film festival. One big hurdle for artists is just doing something! So we hope that giving them an opportunity to see the kind of projects they can make will give them the confidence to make their own stuff outside of the program.

Weekend Performing jobs: We will be investing in some costumes and have students performing as characters at children’s birthdays and other events on the weekends. This is a great way to practice the skills students are learning in class, and it is also a way for them to make some money as well. Minors would be accompanied by an adult. For more info, go to our Outreach page.

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